New Artist Alert: New Band The Rose Debut With ‘Sorry’

The new band The Rose have made their debut official with their release of ‘Sorry‘! This four member band under J&Star Company showcase their amazing talent with their ballad. Fans have seen activity with the band before debut, having been shown on social media accounts belonging to K.A.R.D rapper BM, and DAY6 member Jae.

They have quite a few covers online for fans to enjoy, one of which is the Bruno Mars song ‘Runaway Baby‘.

The members are all born in either 1993 or 1994. Members are: Sammy (lead vocals and guitar), Dojoon (Vocals and Keyboard), Jaehyeong (Bass), and Hajoon (Drums). All of the members have their own Instagram accounts. As well as personal accounts, the group has an official Facebook and Instagram.

Their official debut single ‘Sorry’ is edging on the side of a ballad, with strong vocals and a soothing rhythm. The black and white filter adds more emotion behind the voice, as the video takes viewers on a trip down memory lane. The video suggests that the song is apologizing for a broken relationship.

What do you think about the new band The Rose? Let us know in the comments below!




Source: Facebook | YouTube
Written and Edited By: Sarah Smith


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