Taeyang Graces The Windy City: ‘Taeyang 2017 World Tour White Night In Chicago’

It was a beautiful Sunday in Chicago as fans waited in line outside the Aragon Ballroom for the night’s main event. Taeyang had finally set a date for Chicago, September 3rd, which was his first ever for the Windy City and fans were beyond ecstatic for this concert. The excitement was budding as the tour staff handed out the wrist bands to the never ending line of people waiting to get inside.

As the line began to move, fans started to enter the venue. Romantic as could be, the old theater greeted wandering eyes with a beautiful interior of a night inspired painted ceiling. Not only did Taeyang pick the perfect venue for his first show in Chicago, but it fit his tour theme very well. While the entire show was standing room general admission, the vibe was more than chill. The floor had a lot of space open for fans to dance and enjoy the show.

As fans entered the main hall for the show, the subtle fog filled the room and embraced the neon blue sign with Taeyang’s name. It felt like we entered the beginnings of a storm.

The show started promptly at 7:30 with Taeyang’s ‘White Night‘ intro and VR opening the night. Before we knew it Taeyang showed up at the top of the staircase that was on stage, glowing as the light shined down on him reflecting on his all white outfit. Fans cheered as he began to sing ‘Ringa Linga‘ followed by ‘Body‘ and ‘Superstar‘.

It wasn’t until after a VR and three more songs that Taeyang would take time to talk to the audience. He was all smiles as the fans cheered during his speech. Telling the audience how grateful he was, he thanked Chicago for having him. He was excited to be there saying that he had always wanted to visit, and that he was even more excited to be there after fellow BIGBANG member G-Dragon had praised Chicago fans so much. He claimed that Chicago fans are the best in the world, and that he loved us very much.

The show continued with a mix of new and old hits from the beloved artist, and before we knew it, he was saying goodbye to Chicago. Or so we thought.

Like every great show and artist, they love to bring the excitement of anticipation to their audience. Taeyang did just that, as he went off stage for what he said would be the last time, only to return in a tour T-Shirt to perform more songs.

This was a special mix of songs, ranging from his hit ‘Good Boy‘ which is normally performed with G-Dragon, to their recent MADE hits ‘BANG, BANG, BANG‘ and ‘Last Dance‘. Of course Taeyang couldn’t perform these hits without sharing his love and appreciation with the very group that made him the artist he is today.

He made sure to include the ten years the group has spent together, and that they aren’t going to breakup anytime soon. Also in this heart warming speech, he included the fans. Thanking V.I.P’s over and over, Taeyang made it clear that without the fans BIGBANG would be nothing special. He went on to thank Chicago fans one more time before finishing the show with the BIGBANG hit ‘Fantastic Baby‘.

Not only was the show amazing, the addition of BIGBANG songs made the night even more special for the Chicago stop on the ‘White Night’ tour. Everyone who wasn’t already dancing joined in, as Taeyang led his dancers in the iconic dances the group has made famous over their ten years as a group. For those who missed this spectacular show, you missed a real treat.

Thank you Taeyang for coming to Chicago and giving us an amazing show! We hope to see you, and the rest of BIGBANG back in Chicago soon!






Written and Edited By: Sarah Smith
Photos By: Tony Nguyen


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